It’s currently 0242. I have my first staff duty, which is a 24 hour shift thing where I sit in the brigade building with two (supposed to be three here but we had some complications) other people and stay awake and answer phones, etc. I’m off at 0900 and I’ve been counting down the hours since 2100, so I’m exhausted. But I caught a second wind so I think I’ll make it til then. Good news, I get the rest of today off. I’m just so freaking bored oh my lanta. Ain’t no rest for the wicked.


I’m not even sure what to write exactly, so much has gone on in the past six so months.

Let’s see-

So I have yet to take a pt test and now I have a bad stress fracture in my shin so I’m a shit bag that’s on profile now. I’m still gonna try to combatives level 2 by August and I really want to be ready for Air Assault by September/October, but that requires me being able to run. I can climb a rope now so I got that going for me. Before my injury I was pretty good at rucking. My only problem is running and I don’t know why. Whatever though.

Hmmm, I really don’t have much else. I mean I have a whoooole whole lot going on and what I’ve been going through and mehhh. But just know, I’m happy and I’m doing well. I don’t want all my personal business on here yet because I’m sick of people questioning my decisions and my life so I’m waiting for now. No worries.

Love y’all<3 


Wow I’ve been gone for ages. I gave up on Internet because I’m lazy and fuck it.

So hi! If you’re one of the few who still follow me, thanks.

I’ve been going through a lot of shit. Between trying to leave this unit and this thing moving out (yet another long awful story) I’ve been hella busy, frustrated, tired, all the above.

Aside from the misery, I am happy. I’m in an amazing relationship and am happier than ever. He’s the only thing keeping me kicking and sane in times of struggle. I love him.

I really need to get back on the tumble bus but my laziness is getting the best of me. Tumblr isn’t as exciting from a phone. But whatever, I’m alive. I’ll tryyy to be more current on this thing but we shall see.

Happy Tuesday errbody!!!

Anonymous said: You said a lot of people got engaged at FH with people they met at AIT and girls are all flirty and shit. I have to ask and it got me worried. What do I, as the serious girlfriend (have been dating for 2+ years before he went to AIT) of a soldier at FH, need to worry about? Basically, what did you see and hear of about the guys you know who had girlfriends-if they even told anyone- while you were there?. sorry if this sounds crazy

Sorry I’m just seeing this I have no clue how long ago you asked. I haven’t been on here in forever. But if a guy had a girlfriend and he’s open with it most girls who try just give up as long as he’s persistent. It also depends how long his AIT is, because mine was 17 weeks and people start losing their minds. But just trust that he’ll stay faithful especially if you’re two years strong. It’s normally the brand new relationships like right before basic. But it’s a lot of trust. So trust him. I hope I didn’t freak you out too much, sorry. But females are ruthless anywhere, he just has to say back off and you guys will be fine. Trust and faith.

I’m happy

I have a new boy now and he makes me feel special and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I have fallen head over heels for him. I just wanted to let everyone know since I’m still MIA on here. Still no internet… Buuuut long story short, I might be changing units already so there’s no need to worry about buying that stuff. I just want to let you all know I’m alive and I’m happy.

Let’s get serious…

So joining gave me a different perspective on life. In a way, I’m finally free. The guy I was dating almost 5 years couldn’t accept the fact that I had become independent. He was insecure with everything I did, and I didn’t realize it until I left. Even while I was home he hated when I’d go out with friends and do anything for that matter. He just didn’t trust me at all. I became a hermit for him, something that I wasn’t. And I let that go on for way too long. I wasn’t happy. And almost 3 years ago, I lost my sexual attraction to him as well which should’ve been a red flag that I needed to get out. But I’m stupid. I don’t regret being with him, but I do regret that I was with him that long and more concerned about his happiness than my own. I’m a new me now and I want ME to be happy. I am my first priority now. I can now have fun, drink, party, club, whatever- and nobody is getting mad at me. I’m a free bird now and I love it. What’s annoying though is how quick guys are to jump when they find a girl is single. I’ve had to let so many guys down from High School, like seriously? And even in the barracks, but that wasn’t as weird because I am a fucking unicorn in the Army now. I know what I want and they aren’t it. But now, I’m just gonna do me and see where life takes me. I’m independent and I am free. So, there’s my story…


Guys, I still don’t have internet. I’m on leave now so I’m at home. I hope to get internet soon so I can continue my tumbling life. But I’ll give a life update!

So I got to Bragg, reported to my unit and whatnot. I’m licensed to drive a few military vehicles and that’s about all I’ve achieved thus far. 

I party on the weekends, it’s pretty great. I’m now a single soldier- long story that I don’t know if I feel like telling yet. But I’m a lot happier now and that’s all the matters.

I’ve made so many friends and I’m continuing to do so, especially when I’m drunk… I’m just a social butterfly. 

The army isn’t that bad, I can’t complain. You wake up, exercise, go to work and go home. Everyday. I finally have a real job and it’s kinda cool. The only time I don’t feel like an adult is when I go home to my roommate. I imagine this is what college feels like so I’m not complaining. I’m never in my room anyway, always out and about- or I try to be.

Anything else, feel free to message me! Or go on my twitter or somethingggg if I’m not on here. 




I twitter now more than tumble for the time beingggg. Go follow!!

^^^^ mineeeee

Omg sorry guys!

I’m at Fort Bragg now and learning how to army. I’m licensed to drive a hmmwv and an lmtv. I’ve made so many friends and I party hard hahah. I love it here, it’s different but it’s cool. I’m about to start working my ass off because I’m trying for air assault and airborne. I’m taking combatives soon and looking into other schools. I’m about to just so anything and everything. This is a quick update, I don’t have internet yet so I’m like never on here anymore. I’ll be back though! I promise!!